Educator Well-Health, Inc.
"Stress is always prevalent, its how you deal with it that counts!"
About Us / Our Philosophy
Founded in 2007, Educator Well-Health, Inc. has been a company designed to coordinate with various schools and school districts employing K-12 educators in developing health and wellness programs intended to assist educators with stress management. Because the mission and philosophy of Educator Well-Health, Inc. centers around the educator being the main asset within any educational system.

Today, Educator Well-Health, Inc. has expanded its focus to leadership development and team building with a health/wellness promotion goal to serve more individuals. Dr. Tania R. White continues her search for a viable solutions to not only help educators, but to aid organizational leadership to cope effectively within their stressful environments. With the company’s main objective centering the idea of leadership being the central vein of any organization, Educator Well-Health, Inc. desires to foster champion spirits within those in leadership and help them achieve a healthier lifestyle. The company’s vision entails planning and orchestrating various seminars that deliver leadership and team building activities designed to foster a culture of health and wellness within the organization.

There will be Organizational Wellness Conferences  held throughout the year in various cities that specifically target leadership within the organizational setting for the development and implementation of health and wellness programs within their communities.